Application - Outdoor Water Tanks

This is a much more COMPLETE way to CONTINUOUSLY purify water

-         - Difficult location – SOLAR is an option 

-         - Ease of Installation – This is an ALL INCLUSIVE purification system no other  
  chemicals or accessories are needed

-         - No need to go through the pain and HASSLE of cleaning the tank yourself

-         - It is a GREEN option (Environmentally friendly) – eliminate the need for harsh,
  harmful, and dangerous chemicals

-         - COST savings – no need to purchase more chemicals, fresh water, hire
  people to come clean the tank

        - FDA recommends the use of ozone for food, water, and beverage processing
These products will work on ALL brands of water tanks

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Water that's cheap, clean, pure, and simple: Have 100% naturally purified water 24 hours a day for years to come without the use of harmful and expensive chemicals.


Now you can have the latest in city water treatment technology for your tank, helping you safe time and money. You no longer have to worry about tank maintenance, regularly purchasing or applying expensive and harmful chemicals - this system replaces it all!


Lifeline's Pure Water system eliminates microbes including, bacteria, virus, cysts, spores, aerobic and anaerobic that cause bad taste, odor, and slime.  Any of these present potential health hazards. In addition the system sanitizes your tank as well as the air above the water line ensuring continued purity.  All without unnatural chemicals like chlorine which remains in the water after treatment.


Lifeline's system uses natural ozone resulting in a safe and reliable source of pure water from your tank: In nature, ozone water is created when lightening, air, and precipitation combine. This process is water purification in its original form.


Natural ozone is nothing other than ionized oxygen. Oxygen, in the air around us, is made up of two oxygen atoms (O2), while natural ozone is made of three oxygen atoms (O3). Natural ozone is highly reactive, in fact ozone is effective in actually eliminating microbes and contaminates where as chlorine can only inactivate, prevent their ability to reproduce. Additionally, natural ozone quickly reverts back into oxygen, leaving nothing behind other than pure water in your tank. It is so safe, even the FDA recommends the use of ozone for food and beverage processing. 


Lifeline's Pure Water systems are carefully designed to maximize the concentration of natural ozone in your tank and yet minimize the use of electricity. In fact, our systems are so energy efficient they can be operated purely on solar power. Natural ozone is powerful yet safe enough for use in food and beverages, most bottle water available today uses ozone for final disinfection.


Our products are incredibly easy and safe to use: All you need to do is put the Oxidation Line in your tank and if you have chosen a solar powered Pure Water system direct the solar panel towards the sun and you are ready to go.


Start saving time and money today with a Lifeline Pure Water system. To answer your questions call 303-520-6466 and we will help you with any installation and treatment questions.


Other uses for Ozone include:
Drinking water, Food Sterilization, Purification of Fish Tanks/Aquariums, Plant Fungus, Electro-Coagulation, Sterilization, Aeration, Metal Recyclers, Wash bays, Commercial Laundries, Hospitals, Hotels, Swimming Pools, Cooling Towers, Poultry Farms, Fish Ponds, Fire Restoration, Soil Remediation, Livestock Manure Treatment, Wastewater Treatment