Interesting Facts
Here are some interesting facts about Ozone:

1. Ozone has been proven effective since 1903 for water treatment worldwide!  

2. Ozone is used in the largest municipal water treatment system in the world: the LA Water Plant!  

3. In the mid 80's, Milwaukee, Wisconsin had an outbreak of Cryptosporidium in their water that killed over 100 people and caused over 400,000 to get violently sick! Chlorine was useless against it and the city spent $50,000,000.00 for an ozone system, the pandemic was solved.  Lifeline Ozone Systems are just as effective, it's the same ozone system but less expensive.

4. 30 years ago, the International Bottled Water Association mandated that listed members had to disinfect their bottling with  
     ozone in order to display the Association’s seal.

5. In 2001 after a several year study, the FDA’s expert opinion was that nothing works as well as ozone to treat water!

6. Water and disinfection specialists have proven ozone works most effectively!

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History of Ozone in America- 
Ozone has been used since 1903 for treatment of drinking water. As of 1980, there were 1,100 such water-treatment installations serving major cities. In the water treatment industry, ozone can replace chlorine, bromine and other oxidizing chemicals as a more effective and fast-acting biocide. It is also an effective oxidizing agent to oxidize iron, manganese, sulfides, and tannins for removal by filtration. It is the fastest and purest method to get water back to H2O only without chemicals, bacteria, minerals, or microbiological contamination. Click here to see FDA information on using Ozone.