Application - Emergency Management Systems

-Most powerful oxidizer available, instantly destroys
  bacteria, pesticides, e-coli, and salmonella
-Elimination of micro organisms, odors and chemicals using 3 methods:
 Filtration, Ultra Violet Disinfection, Ozone Oxidation
-Able to purify any fresh surface water source
-Available in DC, solar powered, and hand pump
-Can provide 1,000 gal. per day to meet the need of 300 people or 4,000 gal.
  per day to meet the need of 1,000 people

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Lifeline Ozone has created the top product for purifying water using Ozone. Our Lifeline Water Systems are uniquely made and ideally suited for a variety of water and air treatment applications. Ozone assures you of the cleanest and safest water possible. Ozonation can strip water of iron, manganese and sulfur by oxidizing them into insoluble compounds; and eliminates up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses including e-coli. Ozone acts 3,000 times faster than chlorine and is the strongest oxidant commercially available for air and water treatment.

How can this system help?
Children play in, and drink from, the filthy water of this canal. The Malagasy Government reports that only 27% of the population have safe water
- Clarify and purify any surface water source
- Filters out any chemicals present, kills micro organisms, disinfects using Ultra Violet Disinfection
- Eliminate bad odor in air and water

There is no other system out there of this size, capacity, and portability with solar capability that insures microbiological purity. This system provides purer water than other systems including reverse osmosis.


Other uses for Ozone include:
Drinking water, Food Sterilization, Purification of Fish Tanks/Aquariums, Plant Fungus, Electro-Coagulation, Sterilization, Aeration, Metal Recyclers, Wash bays, Commercial Laundries, Hospitals, Hotels, Swimming Pools, Cooling Towers, Poultry Farms, Fish Ponds, Fire Restoration, Soil Remediation, Livestock Manure Treatment, Wastewater Treatment