Pure Water
        for the WORLD

What is Pure Water and how does Ozone help? Pure water is H2O only, similar to pure rain water - without chemicals, bacteria, minerals, or microbiological contamination. Rain water is enriched with ozone when lightening and rain water are mixed as it falls from the sky. Lifeline uses natures method for purification and is 99.99% effective. Click here to find out more

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Tanks - Storing and Keeping Pure Water:

Water that's cheap, clean, pure, and simple: Have 100% naturally purified water 24 hours a day for years to come without the use of harmful and expensive chemicals.


Now you can have the latest in city water treatment technology for your tank, helping you safe time and money. You no longer have to worry about tank maintenance, regularly purchasing or applying expensive and harmful chemicals - our system replaces it all! . Click here to learn more...



Silent Crisis - Water Poverty:

Throughout the world today there is a silent crisis – lack of Clean Water.  The harsh reality is that dirty water is the cause of a public health crisis that recurs every day in cities, slums, and villages around the world. In Mali, a parched West African country, the government has focused on sanitation and pure water launching the first national version of a global charity campaign to “End Water Poverty”.  The scale of the crisis is enormous one billion people do not have access to safe water.  Click here to learn more...

Providing Emergency Pure Water: In this day of horrific natural disasters - there is no area in our lives more vulnerable than if our treatment plants are affected by a natural disaster. The average home has less than 5 gallons of drinking water on hand, which is a two day supply. In any disaster truckloads of bottled water immediately becomes the primary need. There is rarely enough water to go around.

Our systems can strip water of iron, manganese and sulfur by oxidizing them into insoluble compounds; and eliminates up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses including e-coli, salmonella, and microbiological organisms.
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